I am Fred. Welcome to my Motorcycle Adventure travel Website. Thank you for joining me in my journey and for riding with me across America. I already crossed the country once from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA. I went through many States living on the road, I saw the many beauties that these States have to offer, I lived great adventures, and I met great people all around the country. After all of that? I am just getting started and I want to travel again. Here you can learn about my fist journey, and if you want, you can be a part of the next.

America is a beautiful country, the landscape is changing all the time. It is common to see the landscape change 2 or 3 times just riding across one State. I want to invite everybody to get out and see what this great country has to offer. we were made to be in the outdoors and live free. If you can’t go far and be away for long period of times, stay close to where you live, if you start looking around you will find out that close to were you are, there are amazing things to do and see. Get out there, and in the mean time, stay connected with me. Become a member, or a sponsor, and let the journey continue.